Title Digital Electronics
Type departmental
Duration 1 Semester
Short Details

This course is an introductory course in digital logic design, which is a very basic course in most of the Electrical and Computer Engineering programs.


1. Introduction to number systems and codes.

2. Analysis and synthesis of digital logic circuits: Basic logic functions, Boolean algebra, Combinational logic design

3. Minimization of combinational logic: Karnaugh Map

4. Programmable logic devices: logic arrays, field programmable logic arrays and programmable read only memory.

5. Sequential circuits: different types of latches, flip-flops and their design using ASM approach, timing analysis and power optimization of sequential circuits.

6. Modular sequential logic circuit design: shift registers, counters and their applications.

7. Implementation of basic static logic gates in CMOS and BiCMOS: DC characteristics, noise margin and power dissipation, power optimization of basic gates and combinational logic circuits.

8. Modular combinational circuit design: pass transistor, pass gates, multiplexer, demultiplexer and their implementation in CMOS, decoder, encoder, comparators, binary arithmetic elements and ALU design. 

Version v1
Level/Term L3/T1
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