Biomedical Engineering Laboratory

Students will perform experiments related to the following:

Human body: Cells and physiological systems. Bioelectricity: genesis and characteristics. Measurement of bio-signals: Ethical issues, transducers, amplifiers and filters. Electrocardiogram: electrocardiography, phono cardiograph, vector cardiograph, analysis and interpretation of cardiac signals, cardiac pacemakers and defibrillator. Blood pressure: systolic, diastolic mean pressure, electronic manometer, detector circuits and practical problems in pressure monitoring. Blood flow measurement: Plethymography and electromagnetic flow meter. Measurement and interpretation: electroencephalogram, cerebral angiography and cronical X-ray. Brain scans. Electromyogram (EMG). Tomograph: Positron emission tomography and computer tomography. Magnetic resonance imaging.Ultrasonogram.Patient monitoring system and medical telemetry.Effect of electromagnetic fields on the human body.


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