Communication Laboratory

The new Communication Lab of BAIUST provide state of the art facilities and equipment to students enabling them to perform experiments to verify different aspects of both analog and digital communications. To perform the experiments, six sets of Australia's Emona Telecom trainer kit is there to facilitate more than 25 different modulation techniques. In order to introduce the students to the cutting age pc based oscilloscope, there are six PICOSCOPEs in the laboratory and these PICOSCOPEs are also able to work as spectrum analyzers through which students can fully acquaint themselves with the different aspects of a frequency spectrum of signals. Besides these, there are digital oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, signal generators, power supplies etc. The computers of the Communication Laboratory ensure that the students may record all their experimental work in PC and make their complete lab reports through Microsoft word, which is basically a firsthand training for them for preparing technical reports.

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