Electro-mechanical Laboratory

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest fields of engineering, yet it is constantly evolving through its applications in emerging areas. Nowadays, Electrical and Mechanical engineering is being integrated into many areas. Today, electrical engineers are not only trained in traditional fields such as power systems, machine design, and controls, but they also learn how to apply the fundamental principles from engineering, physics, chemistry, and mathematics to address complex problems in interdisciplinary areas such as energy engineering, automation engineering, and biomedical engineering. The Electro-Mechanical Laboratory is one of the introductory labs in our university. The electro-Mechanical lab is designed to give the students with practical working knowledge of different tools like welding machines, drilling machines, cutting machines, IC engines, Heat pumps, Refrigeration compressors, etc. Students learn techniques for practical work with both traditional and modern instruments and demonstrate their proficiency on weekly lab exercises and final exams.

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